Song Power – past, present, and future

Music, songs, and notes have powerful affects on people.  Happy, sad, or indifferent; there is a song that will connect and FEEL just right for that moment.  Of course, I have my own favorite songs that can instantly bring me to a different time and place, as well as, songs that just hit right for a certain mood.  I am a person who truly wishes there was a little speaker floating above my head broadcasting a soundtrack to my life.  (It would be amazing and people who ask me to turn it down)  But this is a post about my most recent music experience and how it ended up giving me something to ponder.

I heard “Wow” by Beck last week on the radio.  I came home, found it on Spotify, and listened to it on repeat.  That is not my normal.  The song makes me smile.  It gives me this vivid image of me riding my purple/pink 10-speed Huffy on the bike trail by the English Coulee in my hometown.

Dakota Student / Nicholas Nelson

I make wide-sweeping  semicircles as I tilt from side to side on the bike. I am wearing big black and purple headphones connected to the Walkman attached to the belt-loop on my khaki shorts. This time, however, “Wow” by Beck is playing instead of “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul, which is what I was probably listening to when I had the purple/pink Huffy.  (I still know every word, by the way.)

The tempo and pace of “Wow” is perfect for that lackadaisical ‘no real cares’ attitude I felt in those moments when I would cruise on my bike around the north end of town.  It was one of my favorite things to do.  I would go out and be gone for hours just riding around with no one to answer to and no agenda.

In Yoga, we talk about “The Present Moment”  and how this moment is where we should be.  We think and talk about how we should strive to be more connected to right here, right now.  I get it.  We miss so much of life when we are constantly worried or preoccupied with things that happened earlier.  We miss so much of life when we busy ourselves by anticipating the various outcomes of events that have yet to come our way.  If we forget to be connected with the events and, more importantly, the people right in front of us, we miss the most incredible parts of life.  Period.

So, I’ve spent a lot of time this week daydreaming about being my very young self, riding my OLD bike around my OLD town.  Am I wasting important NOW time?  Maybe.  But I got to take a moment to connect with that person I was then and compare and contrast how much has changed.  Also, how much has stayed the same.  I haven’t done that exercise in quite some time.  I LIKE to dream, I LIKE to reminisce about the past and fantasize about the future. If we don’t float ‘off the tracks’ of the Here and Now we tend to forget how our past has formed us and led up to right now.  If we don’t dream and aspire for a fulfilling future we can miss out on our purpose as well.

Present is important, as is the past and future.  As long as we don’t get stuck in one realm for too long, a real meaningful purposeful life can keep moving.  We can keep finding things to connect with, to aspire towards, and to be thankful for.

“It’s like, WOW. It’s like, right now. Giddy up.” – Lyrics from “Wow” by Beck