A little note about little moments

Standing in front of the cutting board listening to a nail gun’s rhythmic ba-chew ba-chew sound mixing with Florence and the Machine coming out of the little kitchen speaker.  The kids are playing dinosaurs in their room, my husband is the creator of the ba-chew, and I’m paring beets with nitrile gloves on to save my hands from becoming beet red.  Then it happened, the best breeze blew through the kitchen window right into my face and hair and I recognized that right here right now was a Moment.  All other thought stopped.  For just a moment I was right here.  Of course I was physically here but now my mind was right here as well.  A glimpse into the present.  The future fantasizing and the past reminiscing stopped and I was right there.  It was a small brief moment but I caught it and it was mine.

In Yoga we have Savasana, that pose at the end of class that is all yours to do with what you will.  Sometimes during this pose we do a body scan, checking in with the body, toes to the crown of the head, finding where we are still holding tension and maybe finding a way to get some ease into it.  We also take time to find areas that feel good, soft and supple.  Sometimes this can be the more difficult of the two because we are just so used to looking for problems.

In savasana

This happens in daily life too.  We are so busy adjusting, adapting, or perhaps succumbing to problems that we miss the good things right in front of us.   Yoga has been the wakeup call for me that lets me see more good and helps me pause and assess and be where I am right now.  I may have just kept paring the beets thinking, “ Good Lord, how many more before I am done with this,” but instead I got to feel the breeze and think, “Right now is pretty good.”

Kim at Yin

Happy Day,