When your News Years Resolution gets the best of you…

Most of us start the New Year with BANG! Ideas and plans about how we are going to become our best selves are coming out of our heads and being put into action. That may include some “get in shape” goals. Unfortunately our newly found gung-ho attitude can get the best of us and we wind up walking around very daintily and gingerly after that that first super intense work out. We spend the next 3 days trying to figure out how we are ever going to sit on the toilet again let alone how we are going to get back up.

I am by no means saying don’t do the work out. I absolutely want you to do the workout! Sometimes that sore AHHH! feeling is just what we need, what I am offering is a way to move out of the pain faster by getting that mobility back into the Ouchy spots and the ability to get to that next high intensity workout faster. What we don’t want is one experience to detour you from the next workout which WILL be a little easier, a little less painful, and a little more on track for your New Years Resolution to be a success.

To me the answer is YOGA! Surprise, right?! Yoga provides a way to get back to yourself and find that stretch and movement those sore tight muscles need to get back movin’ and groovin’.

Today we are going to focus on the Hips: Here are a whole bunch of poses/moves to get into those hip flexors that are so key in walking and squatting movements. Also, when we keep super tight hips because we sit too long or we train without proper recovery (meaning no rest and no yoga) we start to compromise the low back and we want to keep that strong and healthy too. Do these and see how you feel afterward. Remember some of these poses build on each other so if you are getting a great stretch from Low Lunge but when you extend or twist you body tells you it is too much just go back to the Low Lunge and be happy that you are listening to your body and finding what it needs.

Knee to Chest on Block:
knee to chest on block -atlas yoga

Low Lunge – Hips squared intention downward:
low lunge - atlas yoga

Low Lunge – Extended reach:
low lunge extended reach atlas yoga

Low Lunge – Twist:
Low Lunge - twist

Low Lunge with Staff (or broomstick) – intention – downward push staff into the floor:
low lunge with staff atlas yoga

Low Lunge on block – when a deeper stretch is needed
low lunge on block

Cresent bent back knee then straighten:
cresent bent back knee atlas yoga
crecent atlas yoga

Standing Pigeon on table and with forward fold:
Standing pigeon on table atlas yoga
standing pigeon on table forward fold atlas yoga

King pigeon:
king pigeon -atlas yoga

Try out all these poses to ease hip flexor tightness and gain the benefits of a Yoga practice. Better yet, attend our classes and use them to supplement your high intensity workouts. You will gain mobility and strength, decrease days away from the gym because of overly sore and tight muscles, and make your workout practice whole and fulfilling. Keep your News Years resolution going strong because you have the tools and the knowledge to find out what works for you and what will keep you going strong. After all, It’s ALL IN THE HIPS!

all in the hips atlas yoga

See you on the mat!

Kim Brinson
RYT-200 Yoga Instructor
1810 Spring Rd
Smyrna, GA 30080