Yin Time

Sometimes it is amazing what happens when you completely take yourself out of your normal routine.  I arrived on Granville island at about 6:00pm PST.  All I could think of is what do I need to do NOW.  I had traveled farther and farther away from home all day but I was still connected to the long to-do list that I had been checking things off of before I could leave for my trip.  I had even made a new to-do list while I was on the plane that consisted of things that I felt like I was too busy to do at home!  But, right now there was no dinner to be made, no homework to check, no immediate work to be done, I was still in active mom/small business owner mode and having a hard time getting into the silence and listening to my own thoughts.  What is coined as ‘Mom Brain’ was still very much alive and active but now “the doing” was only needed for myself and that felt WEIRD and NICE.  I took a walk around the island to settle the brain, recover from sitting all day, and take in some new air, it was dusk and getting dark but it was BEAUTIFUL.   Ahhhh… Mom Brain settling…


Granville Island in Vancouver is a tiny island with industrial buildings and plants mixed with the eclectic charm of little artisan shops, art and performance houses, cute restaurants, and a huge public market that has every kind of meat, seafood, fruit, vegetable, pastry, or chocolate you could want.

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I picked up a couple of things for a nice light breakfast tomorrow and as I walked back to the hotel my Dad’s text to me from earlier that day kept ringing in my ears.  “Thinking of you, Keep your head on straight, Love you, Mom and Dad.”  My Dad and I have had this exchange since I think I went on my first date and I had answered him in my typical response, “Firmly attached, Love you too.”   My husband calls this typical “Butzin (my maiden name) humor,” my Dad’s deadpan way of saying be mindful and don’t do stupid things.  No matter how MATURE I get my Dad will retain the right to say this to me anytime I do something out of his comfort zone.  My Vancouver solo vacation for Yoga teacher training definitely isn’t dangerous or risqué but I can still appreciate the gesture and maybe even use this phrase as a little mantra when the thoughts get too jumbled and I feel like I am just DOING and not THINKING.  Holy Crap, Dad was right?! 😉


It is now 6:30 a.m. on Granville Island,  At 6:30a.m. all the little shops and art performance houses are closed.  The working cement plant isn’t running yet and it feels like it is just me in the darkness listening to the seagulls, hearing the occasional rumble of a boat on the water, looking at the street lights demystify the sidewalk in front of me.   Up ahead I start to see the migration of yogi’s into the Semperviva studio space, laden down with yoga mats, water bottles, binders, winter coats, and boots.   I file into the line going up the stairs and this new journey begins.  HEAD ON STRAIGHT.