Traveling Yin

I am on a journey, an incredible one at that. A friend of mine made a statement near the end of his yoga class today that fits well with how I am feeling, he said something to the effect of “Every morning you wake up a new person, you get to choose what of your past you hang on to and what you let go of.” I don’t know if his statement is a quote from somewhere or his own insight but it reminded me of a John Updike quote which is similar but a little more morbid in its delivery. “Each day, we wake slightly altered, and the person we were yesterday is dead. So why, one could say, be afraid of death, when death comes all the time?” While I don’t feel the need to go to the extreme of feeling like I no longer exist each night, I am really adhering to this thought that each day we wake a little bit different. A little changed, no longer the same person from just yesterday.

I think this statement gives us permission to choose how this “new” person thinks, acts, and does for this new day and hopefully the actions we take this day help to alter us into what we want to become. Maybe even giving us that added nudge to know we do not have to be stuck in what we are doing day in and day out. There are still many possibilities and directions our lives can take and go towards. You may be saying to yourself that “I have all these things I have to do or else my life would fall apart” or “I would be disappointing someone” or “I couldn’t financially maintain the things I have if I let everything go and just did what felt good.”  But I don’t think this is what these statements really express. They do not remove us from reality or the responsibilities of life they simply give us permission to do good for ourselves each day and know that when we misstep we always have tomorrow to move in a different direction.

So a tiny part of my journey, my new tomorrow, has been in the planning stages for a bit and now it is coming to fruition. This journey is an actual “journey,” actual travel to a destination that I think will further my inward journey and give me new things to share with my friends, family, and yoga community. I am traveling to Vancouver to do a 50 hour Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark. I am over the moon excited and I am hoping to share this journey via blog with you. I have lots of thoughts as to what I think Yin Yoga is and how it is beneficial and I’m ready to dig in deep and see how my preconceived notions can be changed or altered by studying with one of the leaders of the art, who is so knowledgeable about Yin Yoga Practice and Yoga History.

Yin Yoga at its base is the “other” half of a “whole” yoga practice, I say this loosely as there are so many directions an individual’s practice may go. Most of us practice very Yang styles of yoga with dynamic movements and active muscular engagements. Yin works the deeper side of this, getting into the tissues of our ligaments, joints, and fascia with the goal of leading us to optimal health and vitality in life.  I am already wondering how the statement above will change as the week goes by…

Stay tuned for new blog posts coming through the next week as I take this part of my journey and see what “new” person I become each day.

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