Playtime, Movement, and Yoga

A couple weeks ago I got the chance to visit a wonderful friend and her family at an amazing park near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  When I saw it, all I could think was I Want To Play Here!  After hugs and a little catching up my husband and I took to the ropes with my friend’s eldest son.


As I was maneuvering around and over the ropes in my poor shoe choice, my thoughts went to all the times I have taken my boys to the park and instantly plopped onto the bench and watched them (and my phone) until one of them asked to be pushed on the swing or needed help.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is a needed non-activity and it is nice for the kids to figure things out on their own and make some friends while I catch up with myself.

After a few minutes of this down time however, I invite you to check out your kids playground and see what is appealing to you. See if you can still crawl through that tunnel or climb up that slide, or maybe just remember what it is like to jump off a swing.  Finding playtime encourages natural muscle mobility movements in our bodies. We probably did these sorts of movements often and unknowingly as kids and teens but as we get desk jobs and responsibilities these movements become less and less frequented to the point where they can now be “scary” as adults.

The first time I was asked to do a forward roll in a Martial Arts class, I was like, “You want me to do what?! Roll?! Over my Head?!” (This was said in my head as I nervously took that first tumble) Now forward rolls are one of the things I look forward to the most.  Now I’m trying to figure out things like, how can I do this faster, how can I get up more quickly, and can I get a little air before connect with the ground? (Who would have thought?…:-))

Being on the ropes at this park, goofing around, and seeing what I was comfortable doing was eye opening and dang enjoyable.  My husband, Jonathan, and Steven made it all the way to the tippy top of the rope dome and Steven was extra brave! (Check out the photo!)  I blamed my shoes for my lack of confidence in joining them up there, but I did work on my hanging L sit! CORE ENGAGEMENT!!

20160520_180430 almost 20160520_180429 almost a little more 20160520_180428YES!

We can find ways to move everywhere we go.  Never miss an opportunity to move!  I love hearing from the ATLAS YOGA clients about how they worked on this or that at home or that they were showing their kids the new pose they just learned.  Nothing makes me more happy, this is how you know that Yoga and these movements are becoming a part of your life and a part of you!  Take some classes, learn some new moves, then unleash them into the world. Your Body, Your Self, and maybe Your Kids will thank you.