Hate – Love – Hate Running

I get this feeling that I just need to get out there.  This feeling usually happens when I haven’t had a focused workout in a few days or routine is in disarray because of holidays or overscheduling.  Running for distance has not been “my thing” in quite a while.  I have done it for fitness, I have done it for competitions, I have done it for accountability with a friend; it has always been a thing that I really want to enjoy but find the mind over matter part of it difficult.  But still it calls to me.

My kids saw me throw on the running shoes and wanted to come with and while this was not part of my original plan, honestly, how can you say no to kids wanting to run at 7:30 in the morning on a weekend.  Everyone got laced up then stretched out in driveway and off we went.  I gave them a goal spot (stop signs come in handy) to run to and they were amazing.  I was expecting complaining but they hit their goal spots and were ready for more.  My littlest one was getting a little tuckered out but gathered his inner wild beast and let out an amazing kiai on the last leg of one of the goals.  Then started sing yelling “Galileo! Galileo!”  I don’t what the 17th century astronomer means to a 4-year-old but soon we were all channeling our inner Phoebe from Friends trolloping down the road singing “Galileo!”  …sorry neighbors.  This fits into the Love Running scenario.



I dropped the kiddos off at the house then went on to the more meditative run I was originally planning.  I do like how running lets you be in your head.  …most of the time.  I am a no I-phone, no music, not even a watch kind of runner right now.  I’m going for how it feels over stats right now.  I like this opportunity to think or not to think about the things I am working on.  My mind floats to Kung Fu techniques I’m trying to learn, to how I would use them if someone decided to jump me from around that tree coming up on the right, to yoga sequences I want to teach, to blog posts I want to write.  For better or worse, a lot goes on in there while one foot moves in front of the other.  No matter what thoughts float through I always come back to a mantra especially when my legs want to quit, when that pulling in my left shoulder pulls a little harder (old ache), or when my pony tail feels like it is pulling my gaze to sky (hair is heavy!)

Today’s ‘make up as you go’ mantra worked really well to keep me moving and I think I will add it to my list for future use.  When I would reach my goal spot and needed to decide if I should stop and walk or push onward at a faster or slower pace I would put in time with my feet; “My legs are light, they float. They propel me forward. Go!”  Every time I finished my mantra I felt lighter, quicker, taller.  It worked!  A Love Running experience!

Bernie Clark, a master Yin Yoga teacher, said many times during my Yin Yoga training that, “The power of Intention guides our Attention.”  I hold this statement close.  Our intentions for a Yoga practice can totally change how it feels from one practice to another.  Our intention for a run can totally make it a miserable or exhilarating experience.  Our intention during interactions with people can change conversations in an instant.  Taking the time to intend can lead to a deeper focus, a commitment to a goal, an enjoyable experience, and the ability to give our attention to the things that matter most to us.  While I will still have runs that I ‘hate’ I intend to set some intentions, find a mantra that connects that moment and see what happens next.



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