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Song Power – past, present, and future

Music, songs, and notes have powerful affects on people.  Happy, sad, or indifferent; there is a song that will connect and FEEL just right for that moment.  Of course, I have my own favorite songs that can instantly bring me to a different time and place, as well as, songs that just hit right for…

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Hate – Love – Hate Running

I get this feeling that I just need to get out there.  This feeling usually happens when I haven’t had a focused workout in a few days or routine is in disarray because of holidays or overscheduling.  Running for distance has not been “my thing” in quite a while.  I have done it for fitness,…

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Atlas Yoga Beginner Group Class Defined

Why take a beginner yoga class? Well, the answer is in the question, right? 🙂 If you have an interest in feeling fit, strong, and energetic but are unsure if yoga is right for you or have been intimidated by other class descriptions this is definitely where to start.  If you have been doing some yoga but wonder what…

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