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Energy Project – Sweat Treats

I’ve been working on making sweet treats that are simple to make, use whole nutrient rich foods that fuel the body and support the active Yoga, Martial Arts, and Busy Mom lifestyle I lead.  Sometimes I just need a quick pick me up between teaching a class, doing a class, and running around with the…

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Hate – Love – Hate Running

I get this feeling that I just need to get out there.  This feeling usually happens when I haven’t had a focused workout in a few days or routine is in disarray because of holidays or overscheduling.  Running for distance has not been “my thing” in quite a while.  I have done it for fitness,…

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Playtime, Movement, and Yoga

A couple weeks ago I got the chance to visit a wonderful friend and her family at an amazing park near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  When I saw it, all I could think was I Want To Play Here!  After hugs and a little catching up my husband and I took to the ropes with my friend’s…

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