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I’m not flexible and haven’t done Yoga before can I come to any class?

Yoga is for every body and while some classes can be more challenging than others we can adapt poses to fit where we are today. I suggest starting with Beginner’s Yoga so you can hear more of the alignment points for each pose. This allows you to move with intention between each pose and start to feel sensations and get the most out of each pose. Mind, Body, and Breath!

What do I need to do to sign up for a class?

All you need to do is show up! Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class time so you can fill out a waiver/questionnaire and get settled on your mat. Classes can be purchased at the studio individually or in groups of 5 or 10. Monthly Memberships are available as well.

What should I wear and bring?

There is no uniform for Yoga. Wear something you are comfortable in. Yoga leggings have stretch and move with you, but sweats or athletic shorts are very acceptable. Tanks or Tees work for tops. Please bring a water bottle with a lid or closure. No glass, please. If you have a Yoga mat bring that too, although we have studio mats available for use. All other props are provided by the studio. The only other thing you need to bring is yourself!

How challenging will the class be for me?

The beauty of Yoga is that the intensity and challenge is completely controlled by you! Feel free to push your edge on each pose or find a gentle stretch and strengthen. Yoga meets you where you are today. Need a sweaty work out, go for it! Need to lay in Savasana for the class, go for that too!

How often should I practice?

Practice when you can as often as you can. A twice a week studio practice will give you real benefits that you will notice in a short time. Fall in love with Yoga and you might find yourself supplementing your studio practice with a home practice! Or if you want to delve even deeper, sign up for private individualized sessions and watch your Yoga practice soar to places you didn’t know existed.

What is Yoga etiquette?

Be on time. Give yourself some extra minutes to prepare your space, be a part of the Atlas Yoga Community by meeting and conversing with your fellow students, or take those minutes to center and bring your focus on what you need that day.
Let your instructor know about any injuries or conditions you may have.
Turn off your cell phone and be respectful of your fellow students as this is their time to find what they need as well.
Savasana may be the most important pose in Yoga but if you do need to leave early please quietly gather your things as we are preparing for Savasana to not disrupt others.