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Yin and Yang and Yoga

Yoga seems to be portrayed in media or advertisements as; very flexible people doing beautiful complicated poses, people in hot rooms sweating it out while moving from pose to pose, or a very centered individual sitting in meditation for a long period of time.  This may give us something to aspire to, but these images are not part of…

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Getting to the Core of it All

ATLAS YOGA aims to support the things you do every day, that is why we offer a group class that puts focus on our core.  Our core, the physical center of our being, is what literally holds us up. With a strong center, we can get through the things we do everyday a little easier.  Your…

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Atlas Yoga Beginner Group Class Defined

Why take a beginner yoga class? Well, the answer is in the question, right? 🙂 If you have an interest in feeling fit, strong, and energetic but are unsure if yoga is right for you or have been intimidated by other class descriptions this is definitely where to start.  If you have been doing some yoga but wonder what…

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