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Easy Green Smoothie for Active Days

Some days you hit that mid afternoon lull and know you have to just keep moving and get things done.  That is the perfect time to add a Green Smoothie to your life.  Throw some super healthy and yummy foods in the blender, whiz them on up, and slug it on down. (Do ahead of…

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Song Power – past, present, and future

Music, songs, and notes have powerful affects on people.  Happy, sad, or indifferent; there is a song that will connect and FEEL just right for that moment.  Of course, I have my own favorite songs that can instantly bring me to a different time and place, as well as, songs that just hit right for…

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Energy Project – Sweat Treats

I’ve been working on making sweet treats that are simple to make, use whole nutrient rich foods that fuel the body and support the active Yoga, Martial Arts, and Busy Mom lifestyle I lead.  Sometimes I just need a quick pick me up between teaching a class, doing a class, and running around with the…

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